Express Saturday

50% Off

Laser Hair Removal

No Appointment, Walk-Ins Only

It’s like a “HAPPY HOUR” for LASER HAIR REMOVAL treatments.

Express Saturday happens once a month. Clients can save 50% off select LASER HAIR REMOVAL treatments.

Laser Hair Removal Forms must be filled out and turned in before first treatment. Click the links to download all 3 required forms.

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Skin Typing

Medical History



We treat Skin Types 1-4 for Laser Hair Removal.

Express Saturday Treatment Areas

Prices are per treatment session.

Areas to be treated must be shaven and readily accessible.

  • Upper Lip         $40
  • Chin                  $40
  • Sideburns        $40

  • Underarms           $65

  • Neck (front only)      $50
  • Neck (back only)       $50